Stock Photography FAQ

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What is Stock Photography?

Stock Photography is an industry that creates and sells imagery in the form of photos and videos.  The images or video can be purchased by individuals and companies for use on their websites, social media, print materials, television or many other legal uses.   

What is iStock Photo?

iStock provides ready-to-use photos, illustrations, vectors, and video clips that users can put in almost any project they can think of. iStock content comes from a community of contributors and is thoroughly vetted to ensure it meets high standards. When users download a file on iStock, they are buying a license that lets them use the file in advertising, websites, blogs, presentations, video productions, podcasts, and more. iStock files are all royalty-free, which means the files can be used in as many projects as the user likes for as long as they want, within the terms of the license. 

What is a Model Release?

A model release is a document that is signed by the subject of a photograph, giving the photographer permission to use the images taken of him or her. It is a legal document between the subject and the owner of the photograph in which the subject gives their permission for the photographer to use the images.  The photographer receives this permission to use and distribute the images or footage for specific purposes, such as commercial or promotional use.  The images can be provided to a stock agency like iStock to sell.

What is a Property Release?

A property release is a legal document signed by the owner or authorized representative of a property or location that is recognizable in a photograph or video. It grants the photographer or videographer permission to use and distribute the media featuring the property for specific purposes, such as commercial or editorial use. By signing the property release, the owner acknowledges and consents to the use of their property in the designated manner outlined in the release. This document is important for ensuring legal compliance and protecting the rights of both the creator of the content and the property owner.

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