July 4th, 2023      Summer in Seattle

Last summer I took a class during the summer semester on Travel Photography. With the start of summer here in Seattle I thought I would revisit some of my favorite places to go and share some of my photographs.

1. Seattle Mariners

I'll start with one of my favorites and that is to attend a Mariner's game. This year they are doing ok. They have an amazing stadium. If you have kids go early and catch balls out in the outfield. My favorite place to sit is by first base as there is action after each inning as the players come in off the field. One of the players will throw a ball into the stands or pass one thru the netting to the kids. The other place I like to sit is out in the outfield past third base where the seats angle into the field. There are often foul balls hit there and often the players will throw their practice balls into this section. The All Star Game will be here next week and that is going to be a big draw.

T-Mobile Park the Mariners

2. Ferry Ride to Bremerton

Since you will be down along the waterfront you might want to go ahead and pair it with a ferry ride. There are many options but I think the best one is to take a quick trip to Bremerton and back. They run all the time and it is just long enough to enjoy. You don't really need to take your car so walk on. If you like get off and grab a bite in Bremerton. Either way you get off when you get there. Then get in line and hop right back on. Take some snacks for the seagulls if you want and throw them off the back of the ferry. Very entertaining and a great chance for some Instagram worthy photos. Take your camera and I might suggest a long lens. I like to take my 100-400 mm on this journey.

Bremerton Ferry

3. Walk the Waterfront and Seattle's Great Wheel

Next to the Ferry Terminal is the beginning of the waterfront. This is a great place to eat, shop, wander and ride the ferris wheel. Grab a bite at Ivar's where you are encouraged to feed the seagulls. Wander into the Ye Old Curiosity shop and pick up some souvenirs. Grab a ride on the Argosy or take a sail. Catch a ride up the Seattle Great Wheel which gives you a great view of the city and bay. Visit the Seattle Aquarium. Hike up the stairs and visit Seattle's own Pike Place Market.

Ivars and Great Wheel

4. Ballard Locks

In the summer there is a lot of action at the Ballard Locks. Officially called the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks they are the way to get from Lake Washington or Lake Union out into the Puget Sound. Visit the locks to see boats moving in both directions. Sailboat, power boats, fishing vessels and everything with a motor is on it's way through the locks. If you visit when the salmon are running you can go visit the fish ladder and see the salmon making their way upstream.

Ballard Locks

5. Lake Union

Lots to see and do on Lake Union. Catch a plane ride on a Kenmore Air seaplane to a local destination like the San Juan Islands or Victoria. Rent an electric boat for a couple of hours at the Electric Boat Company. This is a fun thing for family or friends. Visit the Center for Wooden Boats or the Museum of History and Industry which are both located at the south end of Lake Union. Rent a paddle board or kayak at the Northwest Outdoor Center. If you want to chill then hang out on the deck at Duke's Seafood.

Lake Union

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